Minority Logbox - multiple degrees of representation - logged 0106-0506: TR-RO-BG-YU-HR-H-SK-A
Emanuel Danesch / David Rych

commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna 2006
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Minorities and the Other within (the New) Europe by Marina Grzinic

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The Logbox is a digital harddisc-jukebox containing an archive of 60 videos by 67 filmmakers and artists, which can be selected by the viewer using simple buttons to navigate through an on-screen menu.

During May and September 2006 the Minority Logbox was presented within the project „Küba: Journey Against the Current”.
Traveling by car up the Danube River from Rousse to Vienna and towing a caravan converted to function as a mobile videotheque we were screening its films and videoworks at each venue of Küba’s journey.

Minority Logbox - trip

This video archive contains films and videoworks that have been collected in advance to this projects representing multiple communities in the eight different countries involved in the journey, featuring ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, but also non-homogenous groups marginalized due to other factors.

The films have been individually selected in order to reflect the cultural, geographical, political and social situation of these communities and individuals, widening the focus on transnational social groups often overlooked by administrative descriptions and thereby deprived of legal status.

Minority Logbox - RousseMinority Logbox - tripMinority Logbox - tripMinority Logbox - trip
Minority Logbox - Novi SadMinority Logbox - VukovarMinority Logbox - VukovarMinority Logbox - trip
Minority Logbox - installation viewMinority Logbox - ViennaMinority Logbox - installation viewMinority Logbox - installation view

Public Screenings of the Minority Logbox:

Rousse, Bulgaria: Cannetti House
Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro: Museum of Contemporary Art
Vukovar, Croatia: Vukovar City Museum
Budapest, Hungary: Ethnographic Museum
Bratislava, Slovakia: Tranzit
Vienna, Austria: Nestroyhof

Minority Logbox - tripMinority Logbox - tripMinority Logbox - danubeMinority Logbox - danube
Minority Logbox - tripMinority Logbox - tripMinority Logbox - tripMinority Logbox - trip


Emanuel Danesch: http://www.danesch.at
David Rych: http://www.parakanal.com/rych/

T-B A21: http://www.tba21.org


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